/Power Pack for promotion to Scale V & VI

Power Pack for promotion to Scale V & VI

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List of Videos Promotion to Scale V& VI

  1. Objectives of Monetary Policy                                           
  2. Bye-Bye LIBOR                                                                          
  3. Financial Stability Report jun’22                                          
  4. Optimal Use of Human Resources                                           
  5. Nuances of Financial Statements Analysis (Looking Beyond Balance Sheet) 
  6. Financing Corporates and Consortium banking                  
  7. Risk Management & Capital Conservation                       
  8. Credit Monitoring                                                                           
  9. NARCL (Bad Bank) Concepts and working                            
  10. NPA Management                                                                         
  11. Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code (IBC)                                     
  12. Prepack Insolvency Resolution Process                                
  13. Financing Exports & Imports                                                      
  14. External Commercial Borrowings                                             
  15. Live Session on Important Topics by Dr. Fareed Ahmed 
  16. Analysis of Budget 2022 with its impact on banks             
  17. Analysis of RBI Monetary Policy Sep’22                                 

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About the creator

About the creator


The Club is supported by 25 Top retired Bank Executives more than half of whom retired as CMDs / EDs.

A large number of Top Bank Executives are members of the club for improvement of their career.

15 serving MDs and EDs of various banks are Honorary Members of the Club.

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